How to use the right question word and easy way to remember it ?

There are various types of question word which is known as 8w + 1h. In bahasa we just have 5w + 1h but in english we have more that that which consists of what, where, when, why, who, whom, whose, which, and how. How to use it rightly and how to remind all of them easily, let’s talk about it for more.

  1. What 

First we have “what” which is in bahasa known as “apakah” which is usually used to talk about general question. What can be followed by the verb, modal auxiliary or the tobe.

What + verb / modal auxiliary / tobe

e.g :

what do you want from me ?

what is in your pocket ?

what makes you happy today ?

what will you do if you have much money ?

what am I doing here ?

what can I do for you ?

  1. Where

Next, we have “where” which is in bahasa known as “dimana or kemana”. It is usually used to talk about place and can be followed by modal auxiliary or tobe.

Where + modal auxiliary / tobe

e.g :

where do you go to school ?

where does mom go to buy a new mop ?

where will you sit if she isn’t there ?

where can I throw up the rubish ?

where are you ?

where is my wallet ?

  1. When

This question word is usually used to talk about the time and also followed by modal auxiliary and tobe.

When + tobe / modal auxiliary

e.g :

when do you buy your new iphone ?

when does the party start ?

when can I introduce you to my family ?

when will we celebrate the valentine ?

when are the dogs eating ?

  1. Why

Is a type of question word used to ask the reason for something and can be followed by the tobe and modal auxiliary.

Why + tobe / modal auxiliary

e.g :

why do you so upset all the day ?

why does mom leave you in the parking lot ?

why should I move on if I still love you ?

why can’t I buy those diamond rings for you ?

why is the door opened ?

  1. Who 

This question word is used to talk about subject (human) and followed by verb, tobe or modal auxiliary

Who + verb / tobe / modal auxiliary

e.g :

who brings the puppy here ?

who can help my father in the office ?

who will marry you if you are spiteful ?

who is the girl standing next to you ?

who is here ?

  1. Whom

In bahasa it means “siapa” as sama as “who” but it is followed by direct subject and used to ask the object. 

Whom + direct subject

e.g :

whom my sister calls late at night everyday ?

whom you hate at school ?

whom my man takes to his home ?

whom my teacher teaches at school today ?

  1. Whose 

In bahasa It means “punya siapa” and used to ask about the ownership.

Whose + noun 

e.g :

whose pen is under my desk ?

whose handphone in overprice ?

whose cat is so cute ?

  1. Which 

In bahasa it means “yang mana” and used to ask about choice.

Which + noun ….

e.g :

which dress do you prefer ?

which house is fitted on me ?

which way should I take to get to the grocery store ?

  1. How

Is used to talk about manner.

How  + tobe / modal auxiliary / to infinitive

e.g :

how to make a tasty fried noodle easily ?

how can I move on if you are still here ?

how is she coming here ?

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