Must Know ! How to quickly learn clocks for beginners.

Do you know? Even though it looks simple, many people still make mistakes when reading the clock in English. One thing they don’t know is that there are various ways to read the clock in English, from the most difficult to remember to the easiest to remember. Well, this article will discuss five ways to read the clock in English. After reading the presentation below, your job is to remember how to read it correctly.

PM and AM

PM and AM, two terms that you may often encounter in various kinds of electronic devices. Yup, PM and AM follow the numbers that show that time, you know. First, there is AM which stands for ‘Ante Meridiem’ or ‘Before Midday’ which starts at midnight, early in the morning, until early in the morning (00:00 – 11:59). Second, there is PM which stands for ‘Post Meridiem’ or ‘After Midday’ which starts from noon, afternoon, until the evening (12:00 – 23:59).

E.g :

Ronald : Hi, rachel. How’s your day ?

Rachel : Nothing’s new. What’s up yo ?

Ronald : Not much, I just want to ask about the history assignment deadline. Could you please remind me when is the time ?

Rachel : I’m not that sure about that, but maybe it’s around at 8 a.m tomorrow on ms.fera’s table. Have you and your group finished it ?

Ronald : Yeah, fortunately we’ve finished it at 10 p.m last night, we did it immediately as ms fera asked us.

Rachel ; That’d be great for you, I have to finish it sharp. I’ll talk to you later.

Ronald : Yeah, good luck for you.

To make you more understand about clock, we’d like to tell you some keywords bellow :

O’clock : 60 minutes

Past : 1 – 30 minutes

To : 31 – 59 minutes

Quarter : 15 minutes

Half : 30 minutes

Form : Minutes + Past / To + Hours

E.g :

10.15 – Quarter past ten

17.10 – Ten past seventeen / ten past five

09.25 – Twenty five past nine

03.50 – Ten to four

11.38 – Twenty to to twelve

06.00 – Six O’clock

Mentioning Only the Hours and Minutes: Why Not?

Last but not least, this is the easiest way to read the time in English. Turns out, you can tell the time just by saying the hours and minutes. For example, if you wanted to tell that the time is 10:30 a.m., you could say: “It’s ten-thirty.” another example, you could say: “It’s Nine- fourty five” to indicate that the time is 09.45.

Finally, here are some ways to read the clock in English that you need to know. How? Looks simple, right? Yup, it looks really simple. However, even just reading the clock in English is something that needs to be honed. That is, the more often you do it, the less likely you are to make a mistake. Beside that telling time or reading clock is also used in our daily speaking as talking about daily routine, present activities even almost all kinds of activity by time are also used in various type of conversation.

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