How To Deal With Manual And Procedure Text Easily ?

Procedure text is a text whose contents describe how something can be made or used through a series of steps.

In English it is better known as “how to do or make something”. The form of procedure text can explain how to do certain activities, how to use tools, and something that is related to human habits or nature.Talking about procedure text, there is a structure of the text which includes 3 parts, namely goals or objectives, materials or materials, and steps or steps to be taken. the destination as the title. In general the steps or methods are in the form of points or are numbered to indicate sequential instructions. Instructions are arranged systematically, and in detail. In addition to orders, sometimes there are prohibitions and conditions in addition to instructions. These are the generic structures of procedure text :

  1. Aims / Goals

The purpose of the procedure text will be found in its title. For example, to explain how to make mango juice, the goal would be written into the title itself, for example “how to make a watermelon juice”.

  • Ingredients / Materials

Things can be materials or tools needed to make something. For example, to make mango juice, the ingredients needed are mangoes, water, and so on.

  • Steps

Contains steps or stages in making, doing, or operating something. This section is usually written sequentially (chronologically), starting from the initial step to the last process until finally the purpose of the procedure text is achieved.

It is the example of procedure text :

How to make skippy peanut  butter cookies


250 gr wheat flour (all brand)

90 gr fine sugar

125 gr Skippy peanut jam

150 ml melted butter (all brand)

1 Tbsp Vanila milk powder (Dancow)

½ Tsp Fine salt


  1. First , prepare a container then pour the fine sugar, skippy peanut jam, melted butter, milk powder and salt.
  2. Second, Mix all ingredients with a spatula until the mixture is soft and smooth.
  3. Next, add the wheat flour slowly and remix it more.
  4. After that, shape the dough according to taste and can also use a variety of cake molds
  5. Then, bake it with 150oC temperature for 25 minutes
  6. Last, take it out of the oven and serve it into the jar.

Beside the procedure, we have another type of text which is almost similar to it. The text is usually called as manual text. The manual is basically used to talk or explain the way to operate something without the materials and ingredients are needed. Sometimes a process in making or operating something that serves to describe how something is done through regular steps. The manual just consists of steps to do it. Here is the example of manual text :

How to make a poster with canva application easily.

Steps :

  1. First, make sure that you have a pro account of canva to get unlimited access to all canva’s templates.
  2. Second, select the design spotlight to design what you want (the poster)
  3. Third, Custom you poster size and you can start to edit your design
  4. Next, if you don’t have any brilliant idea yet you can find some references on canva’s templates
  5. Then, Add the elements which are related to your poster theme
  6. After that, when your design is done you can clike “share” and “download”

(You can choose you file type and pixels size)

  • Finally, your design is ready to use.

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