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As we know synonyms are used to replace some words which have equal meaning or the way to enhance your better speaking skill and sounds more natural. People use synonyms in some case as they talk, deliver a news, answerin some questions so on.
Generally we have various types of synonym base on EYD of Indonesia. Synonym itself devides in to three part which are absolute synonym, similar synonyms and structural synonym.

1.Absolute Synonym

Kind of words that can change places in any linguistic context without changing the structural meaning and lexical meaning in a series of words/phrases/clauses/sentences.
E.g :
Cosmetics = Beauty Tools
In demand = Sell well

2.Similar Synonym

Similar types of synonyms have the same meaning as absolute synonyms. However, these words can only change places in the linguistic context without changing the structural and lexical meaning of the word/phrase/clause/sentence only.
E.g :
External – Physical
Slow – Slugish

3.Structural Synonym
Synonyms surrounded are words that can replace each other in a certain linguistic context only structurally and lexically.
E.g :
Weak – Limp

Besides that we have common synonyms that are often used in everyday life and are familiar to most people. Let's look at the following image.

E.g :

  1. Your skin looks radiant and I am sure that every colors are gonna be fitted on your tone.
  2. What a really enchanting human I’ve ever seen.
  3. Mom is gorgoes on tonight tv show.
  4. She is looking for something dazzling for the prom to look different.
  5. He is mesmerizing on the way he is.

Here are some synonyms of sad :
E.g :

  1. Today is gonna be my gloomy day because I’ve just left by my one and only lovely granny.
  2. She looks unhappy when she was interviewed on the show.
  3. I got heartbroken when I lost my kitten.
  1. Everyone will be depressed when they live without money and home.
  2. The news makes me feel pitiful but I can’t do nothing on it.
  3. He spoke in a solemn and thoughtful manner.
  4. I’m feeling blue all day long .

Here are some synonyms of different :
1.What makes it unique in a thousand choice ?
2.I found that something looks unequal by the first time I saw it before.
3.There was the distinct smell of something burning.
4.She has an offbeat sense of humor.
5.I just heard the most bizarre story and it makes my heart breaks.
6.The man that I saw on the grocery store was strange and harmful so I ran away and told to mom.
7.We’re gonna find various types of bird in Egypt.

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