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Feelings are essentially one of the basic elements in every activity and behavior that humans do. This feeling is of course closely related to the psychological elements possessed by each individual who are then implemented in society. On the other hand, the expression of developing feelings is usually influenced by the ebb in a short time that arises from a state of seeing the form of social action so that in the end there are psychological and physiological reactions such as joy, sadness, compassion, love, and so on.

Feelings in developmental psychology are known as feelin meaning is a term that originally came from the English language “state”. In this term, a child feels a situation that is sufficient to encourage social action to finally have a major influence on social processes and social interactions that arise in attitudes and desires for personality. Feeling is a condition in human consciousness that results in a positive or negative assessment of something that will or has been done, so that the form of the assessment is always subjective because it is based on human considerations rather than rational actions. That’s why feelings fully fill human consciousness every moment of his life, including strengthening to weakening actions.

Judging from the various forms, these types of feelings include;


The feeling of pleasure in something makes someone will be compelled to act on it. This type of feeling itself is triggered by the expected situation in accordance with the reality that occurs in his own life.


The problems that arise in human life will create this feeling of sadness. This feeling is caused because expectations are not in accordance with the desired expectations, everyone has experienced this type of feeling.


This feeling part triggers someone to take actions that are not in accordance with the wishes and social order in society. Even feelings of anger often encourage someone to commit criminal acts.

In this article we’re gonna talk about some words which we use to talk and show up our feeling and other form of general feeling words which we usually use in our daily conversation or in a small talk and chat to someone else.

Here are some examples of using feeling words in the sentence :

  1. I felt weepy when I couldn’t make what I dreamed.
  2. Are you glad when you are the only smartest person here?
  3. Everyone will be irritated if lied to.
  4. I’ve been stuck since I’ve heard about the news.
  5. My mom always be my empowered woman for me and my whole family and I’m a proud daughter.
  6. She looks renewed daily, I just wonder how to be like that.
  7. You’ll be anxious if there’s a snake around you.
  8. My dad got furious when he knew me hangout and back after dusk.
  9. It was frustrated when you couldn’t move on of your past.
  10. The girl has been dynamic since she was left by everyone.

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