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Very is an English word which means “very”. The use of this word is usually followed by an adjective or adjective. Very is used to express positive things. Who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘very’? This word is used very often For example: I’m very busy, very tired, very hot… and so on.

There is nothing wrong with this word. But do you agree? The language used reflects a person’s level of fluency in English, and can also give a different impression in the eyes of other people. Do you want to sound more intelligent and cool? Let’s see directly from the pictures below. You can also print out and make flash cards to add vocabulary. To make your English skills look more fancy or classier, there are words that can be chosen as an alternative to the word “very”. We’re gonna learn about other word  as the replacement of “very”.

Very Cold >< Freezing

Low temperature when compared to human body temperature; not hot; cool.

e.g :

It’s freezing tonight and I feel like I’m going to catch a cold.

We spend the whole night watching our favorite shows while drinking tea when it’s freezing.

Today is freezing, everyone just stay at home all day.

Very Complete  >< Comprehensive

No lack; even: ready for everything; perfect.

e.g :

She has a comprehensive grasp of the subject.

He was educated at a co-ed comprehensive school.

Two very clear and comprehensive handbooks are available.

Very Confused >< Perflexed

Lost your mind (don’t know what to do): don’t know the direction, don’t know, don’t understand or don’t understand

e.g :

Anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum were somewhat perplexed.

But for those of us who are a bit perplexed about Smart’s quarterback usage against Florida, that’s the whole point.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden looked perplexed and miffed Monday night, and not just with his football team.

Very Crowded >< Bustling

Full of cramming (crowded) until there is no free space.

e.g :

The market is bustling on weekends, so if keeping your family or group together is a priority, it may be difficult here.

This bustling tourist and local hot spot is open for lunch and dinner.

Brady stepped into the bustling world.

Very Dangerous >< Perilous

There is danger; (possibly) bring harm; (in a state of) in danger: (in a state of) in danger.

e.g :

The most perilous position in the dressing room is not that of the captain but the man with the gloves.

We see this freedom isn’t free at all—it comes, sometimes, at perilous cost.

They obviously sensed that it would be perilous to tease Brandon.

Very Deep >< Profound

Far down (from the surface); far in the middle (from the edge): distance from the surface to the bottom; inside: as deep as possible; to the deepest.

e.g :

What he found in her eyes instead was profound sadness.

This is going to have profound effects.

This technological shift will have profound effects on the course of human history.

That’s an example of a substitute for very in English that you can use. There are many other alternatives that you can learn. Try to write in the comments column other very substitute words that you might know or you can find. Let there be more and more alternative lists of very in English that we share and learn together.

Buat kalian yang ingin belajar bahasa Inggris di tempat terbaik, klik di sini ya!

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