How Is The Role Of Foreign Language In Public Speaking To Successful Career?

Public speaking is speaking in front of many people, public speaking is a very important skill to be mastered by everyone. one of the forms of communication that uses spoken language as its medium with output in the form of speeches, lectures, presentations and others. Why is public speaking important? … With good public speaking skills, you can convey ideas, ideas, information or other things well. In addition, you also become more confident, can lead others, and influence others. It also able to develop to connect to other.

The ability of public speaking will improve the quality of yourself. Because you are considered to have a good ability to speak in public or in front of many people, then you certainly have more opportunities to be asked to meet with important clients of your office. In short, public speaking is an oral communication activity that is carried out directly in public or in front of a group of people. There are lots of example like doing a presentation, speech, debate, teaching, etc.

Good English language skills can support the work, role and function of public relations to establish good relations with the parties concerned in public relations activities. So what are the benefits of mastering English for future PR candidates? Here are the benefits:

1. Improve your english skill

Maybe we are quite difficult to communicate in English because it is not balanced with good communication practices, therefore learning English must be balanced between theory and practice, both oral and written. We can learn self-taught through watching movies, reading English books, listening to western songs as a medium. Or you can go through courses both offline and online, one of which is by installing an English learning application which is currently easily accessible and widely available on the internet.

2. Make us confident

It is very likely that we often feel inferior to ourselves because we feel that we are not proficient in speaking English in everyday life, both family, friends, co-workers, and the general public / other people who meet us. Mastering English can indirectly increase confidence because we understand what we are saying and can be seen more updated.

3. Ease of communicating and adding relationships

Mastering English can make it easier for us to communicate both orally and in writing, interpersonally and in organizations/groups as well as both domestically and abroad, besides that it can make us have many useful relationships to support our work as PR candidates, which of course must have many relationships. . Comfortable and fit when communicating in English can also make us look more classy and other people are happy to have conversations with us.

4. Will get a lot of plus values ​​in the world of work

The number of multinational companies that currently exist in Indonesia and we have entered the era of globalization have made many job vacancies open for us, both as prospective public relations practitioners and other jobs. Many companies require their prospective employees to have a TOEFL / IELTS test score that meets the qualifications to be accepted to work at the company. If we have good English language skills, we will have a plus in the world of work and more opportunities to be quickly accepted for work.

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